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Girl Scout Grit Patch Program

Cookie season is lots of fun, but our Midwest climate can be challenging. How are you persevering through the frigid, snowy, windy Midwest winter, and tackling the difficulties of selling?  We want to hear about it and celebrate it with the Girl Scout Grit Patch Program!

We know that those mounds of snow make it tricky to make your rounds of the neighborhood and add a few extra obstacles at booths, but do you know what else we know? You’ve got Girl Scout Grit and you are finding a way through it! Whether you tunnel under it, sled over it, or tromp through it, you are making sure your customers get their cookies. Show us how you are making it happen and meeting your goals even with all this snow, like a Girl Scout!

Fill out the patch request form with your information, tell us your cookie sale grit story, and submit a photo that shows how you are braving the winter to make those cookie deals! We'll send you the GSDH Girl Scout Grit patch to show the world that you are a tough, bold, Midwest Girl Scout.

Request Patch

All entries are due Friday, March 29, 2019 at 7 p.m. CST

Eligibility Requirements

  • Photo must be captured between February 13 and March 25
  • This is a door-to-door and outdoor booth patch program opportunity.
  • Girls must identify themselves as Girl Scouts-Dakota Horizons members. They should be in uniform, wearing Girl Scout apparel, or a Girl Scout pin.
  • All Girl Scouts in the photo must be a registered Girl Scouts-Dakota Horizons Girl Scout participating in the 2019 Cookie Program.
  • If you are submitting a group photo, please submit a patch request form for every girl in the photo to ensure each girl receives a patch.