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Girl Scout Logo Usage

Girl Scouts is a beloved, iconic brand. Few brands are strong enough to be identified simply by a color or a shape, but we have both the unique shade of “Girl Scout green” and the singular Girl Scout Trefoil symbol working for us. These much-admired brand elements ensure that any of our branded items can be readily recognized as belonging to Girl Scouts. With everything we create, we aim to stay true to our brand and the values it represents--leadership, sisterhood, and inclusion.

Everyone in Girl Scouting--including our partners--has a role in protecting the Girl Scout name and logo against unauthorized, inconsistent, and unlicensed use. Careful presentation of our products and our messages safeguards and strengthens the overall brand. The importance of such vigilance cannot be overstated.

Using the Girl Scout Brand

Service Unit Event Flyers
Service unit and troop volunteers are welcome to create their own flyers using these guidelines:

  •  Service unit events that are open to only girls in their service unit, may create a flyer without council approval. Please provide the following information about your event using the following formats:

    Name of Event
    Brief Description
    Girl Fee: $00.00 Includes: 
    Adult Fee: $00.00 Includes:
    Date: Day, Month 00, 20XX 
    Time: 00:00 AM—00:00 PM
    Location: Location, Address, City, State 
    Closing Date: 00/00/20XX
    Questions? Contact name with email and/or phone number
    How to register

  • Service unit events that are open to girls throughout the council and advertised on the GSDH website, must be created by council for consistent branding. Service units may submit their event information to their Member Support Specialist allowing 3 weeks for flyer creation.

T-Shirts, Patches and Other Branded Items 
Please remember that you must go to a Girl Scout licensed vendor to have any materials produced that you are reselling (including troop or service unit t-shirts) or giving away at a fee-based event. Based on location, quality and price, Girl Scouts—Dakota Horizons recommends these vendors:

  • Advantage Emblem, Shari Reuer
    800-626-4948 x 220 or
  • Noblewear

When contacting a licensed vendor, please include to speed up your ordering process. For all other branded marketing and advertising materials, reach out to your Member Support Specialist for approval prior to print.

Girl Scout Servicemark (Logo)

  • The Girl Scout logo must be placed on the LEFT side of every page, flyer, document, etc.  
  • Make sure to leave adequate white space around the logo to avoid “crowding” the logo. 
  • GSUSA recommends leaving at least the same amount of white space around it as the “g”. 
  • Do NOT stretch or modify logos or servicemarks in any way.  
  • Image available for download below.

Trefoil and Profiles

  • The profiles (or “heads”) trefoil is only be used by council to represent the BUSINESS of Girl Scouting
  • The solid trefoil should be used to represent the FUN of Girl Scouting. Image available for download below.

Referencing Our Name

  • When mentioning our name in copy use either “Girl Scouts” or “Girl Scouts—Dakota Horizons.” If abbreviating use initial caps in all text, GSDH. (Only the logo image should be lowercase.)
  • To avoid marketplace confusion, never refer to girls as “scouts” and always use “Girl Scouts”.

Required Fonts
Girls, troops, volunteers, etc. are to use to the Arial font and its variations for any design materials that are created.

Green (#00ae58 or r0 g174 b88 or pms 355)

Girl Scouts and green go together. To ensure that we continue to claim the color and to solidify our identity, embrace green. Be sure to include the “official” green in every piece you produce.

Questions? Contact your Member Support Specialist or Member Services at 800-666-2141 or email


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Girl Scouts Dakota Horizons Logo