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Service Unit Resources

Service Unit Scoop
Service Unit Meetings

Tips for Successful Service Unit Meetings (pdf)
Use this list of tips and ideas to make your service unit’s meetings successful.

Service Unit Meeting Agenda Template (doc)
Use this meeting agenda template for your service unit meetings.

Service Unit Meeting Agenda Planner (pdf)
Use this meeting agenda planner for timely topics to add to your service unit meeting agendas.

Learning Snippets for Meetings (pdf)
Use these troop management learning snippet videos to add a short learning component to your service unit meetings.

Short and Snappy Mini Trainings
Use these short and snappy trainings at your service unit meetings to share information about Girl Scouts and allow team development. Choose from the topics below. 



Service Unit Planning

Service Unit Annual Planning Calendar (excel) (pdf)
Use this Annual Planning Calendar to help plan your service unit’s activities. This resource is available in excel or pdf and includes a calendar with important dates and a monthly outline to fill in service unit meetings, events, and happenings each month.

Service Unit Event Planning Checklist - (pdf)
Use this checklist to keep your service unit event planning on track. 

Service Unit Event Planning Budget (excel) (pdf)
Use this budget template with build in formulas for your service unit event planning.

Service Unit Event Outline Template (doc) 
Use this template to plan and organize the activities for your service unit events.

Photo Permission Release Form (pdf) 
Use this form to collect photo permissions from your event participants.

Request for Additional Insurance (online form) 
Use this form to request additional insurance as needed for service unit events and travel.

Health and Permission Card (pdf) 

Medication Form (pdf)
Use this form to collect medication information as needed for some service unit events.

First Aid Treatment Notification Form (pdf)
Use this form to notify parents/guardians of any required first aid treatment administered while at a Girl Scout event or camp. 

Pick Up Form (pdf)
Use this form to collect pick up information for girls as needed for service unit events.


Service Unit Finance

Please be sure to refer to Volunteer Essentials Chapter 6: Managing Finances for additional finance information.

Troop and Service Unit Funds Policy
Governance policy regarding Troop and/or Service Unit funds.

Troop and Service Unit Finance FAQ
FAQ related to Troop and Service Unit Finance in general.

Troop Authorized Account Signer Responsibilities
Expectations of an authorized account signer on a troop/service unit checking account.

How to Open a New Troop/Service Unit Bank Account
Step by step instructions to open a new troop or service unit checking account.

Bank Account Authorization Request Form
To be submitted to request authorization to open a new troop/service unit bank account or to change a signer on an existing troop/service unit bank account.

Bank Account Confirmation/ACH Form
To be submitted annually by October 1st and/or within 10 business days of opening or making any changes to a troop/service unit bank account.

Check Register and Annual Finance Report FAQ
FAQ related specifically to the check register and Annual Finance Report for the 2017-2018 reporting period.

Check Register 2017-18
Excel Workbook designed to make submitting the Annual Finance Report for the 2017-2018 reporting period easy.  Includes a Check Register tab that is a running log that calculates your account balance automatically as each income and expense is recorded.  This workbook includes a Monthly Financial Summary Tab so you can report your financials monthly to your troop.  This workbook also includes an Annual Finance Report Guide tab that is formatted to match the Annual Finance Report in the VTK making it easy to fill out and submit at the end of the reporting period.

Service Unit Annual Finance Report
A recap of your Service Unit's income and expenses from the reporting period (June 1st to May 31st) that is to be completed in its entirety by June 15th of each year. 

Recognition Events
Service Unit Elections

Service Unit Election Guidelines
Contains guidelines and instructions for conducting service unit elections.

Service Unit Position Summaries
Describes the volunteer positions within a service unit.

Service Unit Election Letter Template (.docx)
Use this template to communicate the election information to the service unit.

Service Unit Election Ballot Template (.docx)
Use this template for listing the elction candidates.

Service Unit Elections Result Form (online form)
Please use this online form to report the Service Unit Team election results to GSDH by June 15, 2018 for the 2018-19 membership year.

Service Unit Volunteer Positions