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Service Unit Meetings

Service Unit Meeting Agenda Template

GSDH is offering service units the opportunity to host short and snappy trainings at their Service Unit meetings to provide more knowledge and skills to our volunteers. Short and Snappy are short activities that share information about Girl Scouts and allow team development. Choose any of the available Short and Snappys below:

Court of Awards
A Court of Awards is a special ceremony when Girl Scouts receive recognitions and insignia they have earned. It can be held anytime during the year, any location, and as often as the troop wants.

Girl Scout Ceremonies
Girl Scout ceremonies offer a rich tradition to our organization. These ceremonies reinforce the values of Girl Scouting.

Girl Scout Traditions
We invite you to learn about our robust organization and its rich history. From our willingness to tackle important societal issues, to our commitment to diversity and inclusiveness—Girl Scouts is dedicated to every girl, everywhere.

Nine Reasons to Go Camping
From reconnecting with the girls to relaxing and having fun, there are plenty of reasons to go camping.

Progression is the key to the way Girl Scouts learn about the world around them. In practice, progression means using common sense in preparing for experience – one step at a time.

Otherwise known as Special Whatchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere or Share With a Pal.

Valuing Differences
The fact that we have different traditions and beliefs make us more interesting to be with. Wouldn’t the world be boring if we were all alike?

Service Unit Planning

Service Unit Event Budget Template (coming soon)

Service Unit Annual Planning Calendar (coming soon)

Recognition Events
Service Unit Elections

Updated materials coming March 2018.

Service Unit Volunteer Positions Overview
The Service Unit Volunteer Positions Overview document describes the volunteer positions within a service unit.

Service Unit Election Guidelines
The Service Unit Guidelines document contains guidelines and instructions for conducting Service Unit elections.

Service Unit Election Letter Template
The Service Unit Letter Template is used to communicate the election information to the Service Unit and instructions are in the Service Unit Guidelines document.

Service Unit Election Ballot Template
The Service Unit Ballot Template is used for listing the election candidates and instructions are in the Service Unit Guidelines document.

Service Unit Elections Result Form
Please use this online form to report the Service Unit Team election results to Girl Scouts—Dakota Horizons by June 12, 2017 for the 2017-18 year.