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Troop Resources

You're doing something amazing by volunteering as a Co-Leader with Girl Scouts, where you'll introduce girls to new experiences and watch their confidence and skills grow!

We've compiled resources here to help you lead a successful troop. 

New Co-Leaders

Welcome to Girl Scouts!

The New Leader's Guide to Success is a go-to guide that will prepare you to effectively lead during your first year as a Girl Scout Volunteer.

The New Leader Orientation and Successful Leader Learning Series online courses give new volunteers the basics for getting started. These online trainings are available in gsLearn, our online learning platform for volunteers, and can be accessed by logging into MYGS. Please note: new volunteers must have registered as a current adult member, selected a volunteer role, and successfully completed a background check in order to access gsLearn.

The below resources, along with the Volunteer Toolkit, will help you get your troop going. 

Fall: Back to Troop

Fall is typically the time for Back to Troop for another year of fun and friendship! Here you can find resources to help get your troop’s year off to a spectacular start!


Successful Troop Experience
Membership Renewal Guide for Troops
Troop Intent Form
Parent-Family Meeting Guide (Start of the Troop Year)
Badge and Award Explorer
Additional Awards
Bridging Guide
Volunteer Toolkit Troop Co-Leader User Guide
gsLearn - Find the courses listed below and more in gsLearn!
• Grade Level Essentials (Daisy/Brownie/Junior)
• GSUSA 2021 Program Update and Toolkit
• Brand Ambassador 101 for Volunteers
• Girl Scouts in the Outdoors

Fall Programs & Events
Fall Product Program
Event List

Bank Account Confirmation/ACH Form
Bank Account Authorization Form
2021-2022 Check Register Workbook

Support Resources
Girl Scout Shop
Member Services

GSDH Health Updates
Girl Scouts at Home

Return to In Person Decision Guide for Volunteers
Zoom Licenses for Volunteers

Spring: Troop Wrap-Up

It's time to reflect on the troop's accomplishments from the year and start planning for the next year.

Spring Troop Wrap-Up Guide

Spring Family Meeting Agenda
Bridging Guide
Troop Renewal Guide
Troop Finance
Bridging Kits
Event Listing
Girl Scouts at Home

Troop Intent Form

Complete the Troop Intent Form every spring to let us know how many spots your troop has for new girls to join the fun!

Troop Information

First and Last Name of Troop Leader Completing Form
Use numerals only.
School girls attend. Please do not abbreviate. Enter multiple if necessary.


Membership Year 2022

If you selected Merge, please provide the troop number you would like to merge with.
 Does Not Apply
 Does Not Apply
Enter 0 if troop is disbanding. Should enter total number of girls (current and new) the troop is willing to have. These openings will be available in the Participation Catalog for new girls to join the fun! If you would prefer these openings are not displayed please contact Member Services.
Troop Leader Blueprint

Keep your troop going strong with these specially adapted badges, Journeys, and activities in the Troop Leader Blueprint. We’re here to support you as you help your troop thrive.