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Meet Virtually

While in-person troop meeting are on hold, it doesn't mean your troop can't stay connected! If you and your girls are ready to try virtual meetings, check out these safety tips before getting started.

Zoom Licenses for Volunteers

Keeping in touch with your troop and service unit members is essential during these times more than ever. To help with your communication efforts, GSDH is extending a specially priced Pro-Zoom account to use for Girl Scouts at just $30 per license. The Zoom account will expire on July 31, 2021. If this reduced rate is made available for renewal you will be contacted prior to the expiration date.

GSUSA Zoom LICENSES may only be used by Service Unit Volunteers and Troop Co-Leaders for approved Girl Scout activities related to their role such as to:

  • Host Girl Scout Troop Meetings and Girl Scout Troop activities such as bridging ceremonies
  • Meet with other troop volunteers
  • Host service unit or troop events
  • Host service unit meetings

To take advantage of this special opportunity for your troop or service unit:

Learn how to create and facilitate an engaging virtual troop meeting in our 24 minute online course – Facilitating Virtual Troop Meetings – available for all volunteers in gsLearn

Getting Started

1. Ask for input.
Ask your families what technology they have available and ask for their input. You might have a parent who is familiar with a platform and can help you out. Don't forget to look at what your local school districts may be offering that could also be used for Girl Scouts.

2. Choose a Tool
While we cannot endorse or support specific online meeting tools, we encourage troop leaders to look at the options and discuss with parents and girls to determine what the best solution for your troop's needs.


While we cannot endorse or support specific online meeting tools, we encourage you to use the info below to explore some free options that work with either a computer or smartphone.

Video conferencing with up to 100 participants and ability to screen share. There is a 40 minute limit on group meetings (iPad version available with unlimited time).
Website Zoom Support during COVID-19

Google Hangouts
Video call one-on-one or invite friends for a group call with up to 10 people.  |  Getting Started with Google Hangouts

Google Duo
Simple, high quality video calls for up to 8 people.  |  Website

Host a video or audio conference with up to 50 people.  |  Website

YouTube Live Stream
Host a livestream to communicate with a larger group of people at a certain time.  |  Getting Started

Facebook Live
Live video stream within Facebook Groups.  |  Website

Holding the Meeting
Setting up the Meeting
  1. Set a day and time. This may be the same time as your regular in-person meetings or may need to be adjusted based on new schedules.
  2. Plan activities in advance. Activities may need to be adjusted to do virtually. Be creative and think outside the box!
  3. Communicate to parents in advance. Be sure they know the activity plan and what supplies and technology are needed. You might consider holding a digital parent meeting before meeting with the girls to work out technology roadblocks. It is also recommended that if possible, the troop leader and daughter login on separate devices in separate spaces.
Holding the Meeting
  1. Login a few minutes early to ensure technology is workings.
  2. Engage the girls equally and by name so they are acknowledged and so they know you can see them.
  3. Incorporate traditions even if it feels awkward. Traditions can bring comfort in uncertain times and create a sense of normalcy for the girls.
  4. Consider creating a group agreement with ground rules i your first meting.
Tips for Successful Virtual Meetings
  • Be present. Avoid multitasking. Focus on the presenter, content and fellow attendees.
  • Use video. Enable your video when possible, especially when presenting. Visual connection is important and helps participants maintain focus.
  • Limit distractions. Something that distracts you will distract others too! This includes anything participants can hear, like background noise, or see, like people walking around behind you.
  • Mute your microphone. Keep your microphone muted if you're not speaking. This will prevent accidental background noise from disrupting the meeting.
  • Speak Up! When you are participating, speak up and be heard. Other participants want to hear what you have to say, so speak loudly and clearly into the microphone.