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Badge at Home Kit: Guardians of the Ecosystems

Thu Nov 18, 8:00 AM - 8:01 AM CDT
Ambassadors, Seniors, Juniors, Brownies, Daisies, Cadettes

Registration Deadline: 11/1/2021
Working to help the world is just something we Girl Scouts do…join the elite team of humans working to protect our ecosystem and earn your EcoBadge.

Grade Levels: All Girls

Daisy and Brownie Girl Scouts will discover wildlife and outdoor adventures, while Cadette Girl Scouts will understand how to minimize their impact on the environment and Junior Girl Scouts will learn how to protect the environment while camping . Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts will equip themselves with skills to advocate for the wildlife and environment, and create solutions they can be a part of!

Important: Kits will be mailed approximately two weeks after the registration deadline.

Girl Price: $15.00 Includes: Supplies and badge