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Why Give

Invest in Girls. Change the World.

We believe that when a girl succeeds, so does society.  Whether assembling robots, caring for the environment one tree at a time, collecting food for the needy, or simply learning a new skill, Girl Scouts are building a better world for us all.

Your contribution gives the gift of opportunity, a chance for girls to develop the skills that will benefit them the most and learn to lead their own lives and in their communities. An investment in Girl Scouts is a commitment to support a generation of girls who will change the world as they develop into the leaders of tomorrow. Your contribution helps us fully fund our programs and allows us to reach more girls in our community.

Currently, it costs our council $525.72 to provide each girl one year of high quality, in-depth programming.  In order to continue to impact and serve 8,600 girls members and 4,000 adult members annually, we depend on contributions from individuals, foundations, and corporations.

When giving to Girl Scouts, you are providing more opportunities to 8,600 girls than ever before. Some highlights of your gift can provide are:

  • Traditional Girl Scouting (Girl Scout Troops)
  • Non-traditional Girl Scouting for girls at risk (Outreach Initiative)
  • STEM Programming (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)
  • Camping Opportunities
  • Scholarships and Financial Assistance
  • Adult leadership and development opportunities for more than 4,000 adult members.

EVERY gift matters.

Girl Scouts – Dakota Horizons council is a 501(c)(3) organization.