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Volunteer Resources

Volunteer Resources

Volunteer Essentials is the official Girl Scout Volunteer Manual containing detailed information volunteers need. It covers topics such as programs, badges, meetings awards, cookies, and more.

Safety Activity Checkpoints
This very important safety resource includes a list of approved activities for Girl Scouting, as well as the requirements for each activity.

Check out the sections below for more Volunteer Resources:

Troop Scoop

Co-leaders can view monthly emails full of information about upcoming events, updates, deadlines and links to more resources.

These are e-mailed to co-leaders monthly. If you are a co-leader and would like to receive these checklists please contact Member Services to update your email preferences.

August 2018
July 2018
June 2018

Troop Leadership
Family Hub
Girl Scout Traditions and Awards
Trips and Travel
Camp and Outdoors

Taking girls outside can be a fun time for everyone as girls develop outdoor skills and a passion for nature.

GSDH Outdoor Skills Online Training is currently under construction. While we work on an updated training for volunteers, please use the resources below to assist in planning your troop’s outdoor adventures!

Girl Scout Outdoor Progression Chart

Video Series: Thanks to a grant from the Elliott Wildlife Values Project, GSUSA has created six new outdoor skill-building videos especially for volunteers newer to Girl Scouts and older Girl Scouts as they take younger girls outside.

Click here to access all of these videos

  • Step by Step: Developing Outdoor Skills in Girls
  • Taking the Journeys Outside
  • Planning Your Troop’s First Campout
  • Introduction to Campsite Set-Up
  • Introduction to Cooking Outdoors
  • How to Leave No Trace Outdoors

Venture Out! Is an online resource that provides guidance to volunteers who may be less familiar with taking younger girls outdoors 

GSDH Camp Properties Outline
GSDH Camp Use Fees


Please be sure to refer to Volunteer Essentials Chapter 6: Managing Finances for additional finance information.

VTK Troop Finance Report Webinar
Recording of the VTK Troop Finance Report Webinar

Troop Finance Report Volunteer Guide
A simplified step-by-step guide for Troop Co-Leaders to submit the 2017-18 Troop Finance Report.

VTK Finance Tab Volunteer Training
PDF of a PowerPoint presentation designed to assist GSDH Troop Co-Leaders in the completion of their Annual Troop Finance Report via the VTK Finance Tab for the 2017 -2018 reporting period.  Also contains an overview of GSDH Troop and Service Unit Funds Policies regarding the Annual Finance Report and how to use the GSDH Check Register 2017-2018.

Check Register 2017-18

Check register 2018-19
This Workbook is designed to make submitting the Annual Finance Report easy.  It includes a Check Register tab that is a running log and calculates your account balance automatically as each income and expense is recorded.  This workbook includes a Monthly Financial Summary Tab so you can report your financials monthly to your troop.  This workbook also includes an Annual Finance Report Guide tab that is formatted to match the Annual Finance Report in the VTK making it easy to fill out and submit at the end of the reporting period.

Check Register and Annual Finance Report FAQ
FAQ related specifically to the Check Register and Annual Finance Report for the 2017-2018 reporting period.

Troop Finance FAQ
FAQ related to Troop Finance in general.

Troop Authorized Account Signer Responsibilities
Expectations of an authorized account signer on a troop/Service Unit checking account.

How to Open a New Troop/Service Unit Bank Account
Instructions for a new troop or service unit to open a checking account.

Bank Account Authorization Request Form
To be submitted to request authorization to open a new troop/service unit bank account or to change a signer on an existing troop/service unit bank account.

Bank Account Confirmation/ACH Form
To be submitted annually by October 1st and/or within 10 business days of opening or making any changes to your troop/service unit bank account.  

Troop and Service Unit Funds Policy
Board approved policies for troop and service unit finances.

Disbanding Troop Procedure
Process for co-leaders to use when a troop is disbanding.

Disbanding Troop Form
Form to be submitted by a co-leader to notify the council of a troop’s disbandment.


Volunteer Retreats and Events

The history of Girl Scouting includes being girl-led and volunteer-supported. Our busy volunteers make time to come together, celebrate, learn, and always improve their leadership practices to provide the best possible experience for girls.

Take a look at the Event List for a complete list of activities available to both girls and adults.