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Dakota Dough

Dakota Dough

Girl Scouts have the opportunity to earn Dakota Dough as part of the rewards system for participating in the Cookie and Fall Product Programs.

Currently Active Dakota Dough

2020 Cookie Program

September 30, 2022

2021 Cookie Program

September 30, 2022

How to Use Dakota Dough

GSDH Retail Services

Girls can spend Dakota Dough on uniform supplies, books, badges / patches, or anything else fun! Learn more about all the ways you can shop with our retail services.

How to Shop with Dakota Dough

  1. Mail in your order form with the appropriate amount of Dakota Dough.
  2. Submit an online order through Juliette's Boutique Catalog or GSUSA's Online Store and mail a completed Dakota Dough Retail Reimbursement Form with your receipt and Dakota Dough.
  3. Shop in-person at our Fargo or Sioux Falls retail stores.
Membership Renewal

Easiest Way: Let your Troop Co-Leader know you’d like THEM to renew your girl’s membership online and give them the appropriate amount of Dakota Dough.

Alternately: Submit a girl registration form along with the Dakota Dough to: Girl Scouts Dakota Horizons, Attn: Registrar, 1101 S. Marion Road, Sioux Falls, SD 57106

Event or Camp Registration

Dakota Dough may be submitted as payment for girl fees to attend an event or camp. A paper event registration form with Dakota Dough attached must be received on or before the registration closing date for processing. Online registration is not available for Dakota Dough payments.

Dakota Dough may also be used at some service unit events. Not all service units accept Dakota Dough so it is best to check first.

  • Dakota Dough cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. 
  • Dakota Dough does not have any cash value and cannot be converted to cash. 
  • Dakota Dough must be redeemed by the expiration date.
  • No change given.
Reimbursement Forms

Parent Dakota Dough Reimbursement Form
Parents use this form to be reimbursed via check for orders place through GSDH or GSUSA Retail Services, Girl Membership fees or Girl Event fees.
Note: A copy of the receipt MUST be received along with the form for reimbursement.

Service Unit/Troop Dakota Dough Reimbursement Form
Service Units and Troop Co-Leaders use this form to be reimbursed via ACH for Dakota Dough received at events or for membership renewals.
Note: A copy of the receipt/event forms MUST be received along with the form for reimbursement.