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Cookie Resources

We want the Girl Scout Cookie Program to be as successful as possible for girls and volunteers! Check out the resources below for everything you need to know.

Cookie Program Dates: February 11, 2022 - March 21, 2022 

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2022 Resources

Cookie Marketing

What’s the difference between selling and marketing? Selling is the exchange of cookies for money. Marketing is all the creative promotional activities that drive those sales. The more marketing, the more cookies customers buy!

Ready for Success: Uniform Promotion

Cookie Boss HatWin a Cookie Boss Hat!
January 10-February 11

First step to a successful Cookie Program is looking the part!

Is her uniform ready to participate in the Cookie Program? Send us a picture of your Girl Scout in uniform by February 11 for a chance to win 1 of 15 Cookie Boss hats!


Need to purchase a uniform? Take advantage of these opportunities through February 11:

  • Receive a free fun patch with a full uniform purchase. Limited to first 50 girls.
  • Receive free shipping on all uniform pieces.

Offers not valid through

Booth Kit

Your Girl Scout Troop has decided to have a cookie booth to expand their Cookie Program experience and work toward their goals, now what?

This Cookie Booth Kit will provide you information and ideas to ensure you and your girls have a great experience whether in-person or online!

What it includes:

  • Promotions
  • Supplies List
  • Etiquette
  • Recording your Sales
  • Booth Inventory
  • Graphics and Signs

Booth Toolkit

Social Media Toolkit

The GSDH Social Media Toolkit helps you find the right words (and pictures) to raise awareness about the Girl Scout Cookie Program. It’s social media planning made simple!

Action steps to help you get started — and get sharing:
Create a social calendar that covers different phases of the cookie season, from rallies to booth events.

  • Invite girls to join you in brainstorming ideas for social posts that get the attention of cookie fans.
  • Take the opportunity to celebrate your troop’s achievements on social media.

Social Media Toolkit

5 for 5

5 for 5When customers buy 5 boxes of cookies, they can enter into an online drawing to win 5 cases (60 boxes)! GSDH will provide the cookies to the winners at no cost to troops participating. The 5 for 5 Promotion was designed to not only give customers a fun chance to win more cookies, but also help girls and troops increase their cookie sales. 

For Customers
When customers buy 5 boxes of cookies, they can enter into an online drawing to win 5 cases (60 boxes)!

For Troops
Troops that sell to the 5 winners will also receive 5 cases of cookies to donate to a place of their choice. Winning troops will also receive a $25 GSDH retail gift certificate.

Here’s how it works:

  • Troops and girls can print the flyer and entry cards to promote the contest at cookie booths (or anytime they are selling cookies).
  • Troops add their five digit troop number as the unique code on the business cards.
  • When a customer purchases five or more boxes they are given a business card. A customer can enter the contest for every multiple of five boxes purchased.
  • Five winners will be announced on Girl Scouts Dakota Horizons Facebook page on April 1, 2022. 
  • GSDH will provide cookies and facilitate pickup with the winners.
Wow Your Wheels

Just for girls!

When girls share how they use creative marketing to take their business on the go, they’ll receive a Cookies on the Go patch.

More details coming soon.

Heroes on the Horizon

Heroes on the Horizon

Girl Scouts have a long tradition of making the world a better place and knowing the importance of community service and the value of giving back! During the Cookie Program, this can be achieved through our Heroes on the Horizon donation program.

Heroes on the Horizon encourages girls to ask customers/businesses to donate as little as $5 so cookies can find their way to military organizations, first responders and other local heroes throughout GSDH.

What a sweet deal! Encourage customers to buy one box of cookies for themselves and another to igve - through the Heroes on the Horizon program. Amp up your Heroes on the Horizon contributions by using this box wrap. Printed copies will also be available in our Council Cookie Cupboards.

GSDH facilitates the delivery of cookies purchased through the Heroes on the Horizon program with organizations such a VA Hospitals, military outreach clinics, Feeding America/Backpack Program and several first responders throughout the council.

All Heroes on the Horizon donations count towards girl rewards and troop proceeds.

Record a Booth Contest

Just for Troop Cookie Coordinators!

This season, for every time you use the Booth Recorder, you’ll be entered to win 1 of 5 “All I want in life are Girl Scout Cookies” cookie jars.

Promotional Merchandise

Girl Scout Cookie gear is available to help promote your business whether walking in your neighborhood or at a cookie booth.

Visit the GSDH Retail Services to learn how to purchase these items and more.

Cookie Programming

Cookie Rally PatchCookie Rally

Earn a fun patch to kick off your Girl Scout cookie season with the ultimate party for girls: a Girl Scout Cookie Rally! Different from Cookie University, service units and/or troops will host a rally full of fun and interactive activities for girls to learn about the skills needed to master the Cookie Program.

Requirements |   Patch

Koala-fied PatchKoala-fied Patch Program

Koalas! They’re cute, they’re furry, they’re NOT bears. Surely koalas are one of Australia’s most famous animals. It’s not hard to see why because these awwinducing marsupials can  make even the coldest hearts melt in a moment. Complete this patch program to learn all about the 2022 Cookie Program mascot.

Requirements |   Patch

Cookie UniversityCookie University

For Girls (or attend as a troop)

Become a member of the 2022 graduating class when you join us at Cookie University! Head to class to learn about the Girl Scout Cookie Program. Enjoy activities to complete a financial literacy badge, shop the retail store, and get exclusive access to cookie tasting - including our new cookie! So, come join us for the day and together we will make this year a success! 

Girl Price: $11 Includes: Activities, snack, and badge

Registration Deadline: Varies (January 3-17)


Cookie Entrepreneur Family Pins

For Girls and Families

It’s never been easier to support your Girl Scout as she develops business skills, makes amazing memories, and earns a different pin every cookie season. The simple, age-specific guidelines meet her where she is developmentally, making success a snap.


Cookie Business Badges

For Troops and Girls

Cookie Business badges demonstrate that Girl Scouts have developed specific skills while running their own business. Earning Cookie Business badges gives you the chance to hone your skills and gain a deeper understanding of the world of business.



Printable Calendar

January 3: GSDH Offices Closed
January 4-10: Service Unit Trainings
January 9: Troop CC Virtual Training
January 10: Troop CC Virtual Training
January 10: Initial Order Webinar & Q&A
January 11: Digital Cookie Invitation Email to Troop CCs
January 14-15: Cookie Booth Sign-Up #1
January 16-17: Cookie Booth Sign-Up #2
January 18: Cookie Booth Sign-Up #3
January 20: Troop Initial Orders Due
January 24: Digital Cookie Invitation Email to Girls
January 24: Service Unit CM Confirms Initial Order
January 26: Council Order Submitted

February 7: Cookie Booth Webinar and Q&A
February 9: Cookie Delivery Begins
February 11: Online Orders Start
February 18: In-person Orders Start
February 18-20: National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend
February 21: GSDH Offices Closed

March 6-12: Girl Scout Week
March 11: Inital ACH
March 12: Girl Scout Birthday
March 21: Cookie Program Ends
March 22-25: Troops complete all Transfers and Reward Orders
March 26-28: Service Unit CMs Verify and Submit Orders

April: Volunteer Appreciation Month
April 1: Outstanding Balance Forms Due
April 4: Council Order Submitted
April 12: GSDH Annual Meeting
April 15: Final ACH
April 24-30: Rewards Ship to Service Unit CM

Trainings & Videos

All troops participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program are encouraged to recruit a Troop Cookie Coordinator to help manage the program. The following Cookie Program training opportunities are intended for Troop Cookie Coordinators or Troop Co-Leaders.

Troop Cookie Coordinator Training | Recording
2022 Cookie Program Overview

Initial Order Webinar and Q&A | Recording
Learn about the Initial Order and ask questions about the program.

February 7 | 7:00 PM CT
Cookie Booth Webinar and Q&A
Join Webinar | Passcode: 413021
Learn about booth basics, Booth Toolkit, and have an opportunity to ask staff questions and share ideas about the program. Open to Troop Volunteers and Parents.

Resources for Volunteers
Resources for Girls
Service Unit Cookie Manager Resources

Service Unit Cookie Manager Training Webinars
Welcome to a bigger, brighter, bolder Girl Scout Cookie Season. We are excited to review the cookie program materials, answer questions and help you volunteers be prepared to lead your girl scouts to a successful cookie season. 

If you missed training, a virtual training has been assigned to you in gsLearn.