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Cookie Resources

We want the Girl Scout Cookie Program to be as successful as possible for girls and volunteers! Check out the resources below for everything you need to know.

Still have questions? Contact Member Services at 800.666.2141 or

Cookie Program Dates: February 21, 2020 - March 23, 2020 | Extended to March 30, 2020

In response to requests from families and volunteers regarding additional flexibility in the Girl Scout Cookie Program, due to the COVID-19 situation, we are providing additional time for Girl Scouts to sell their cookies. 

Because troops were at different points in the program, we are asking all troops to submit a Cookie Program Troop Status Report by 11:59pm CST on March 29. This will allow us to work with troops on a case-by-case basis for your specific situation. 

Please review the Health Updates GSDH page of our website for more information and council action. 

Creative Cookies

Here are some creative ideas for Girl Scouts to continue their cookie program sales:

Virtual Booth: Have Girl Scouts do a Facebook Live Event as a Virtual Booth…talk about the cookies, what their goals are, how they want to spend their funds and people announce they would like to order during the live presentation. Send the Digital Cookie link via messenger and they do the Social Distancing drop off. You could even have a challenge and say for every 20 boxes sold your daughter will sing a camp song (or something like that)!

Troop Cookie Buyout: Use this flyer to approach community businesess for help reducing your cookie inventory. 

Girl Scouts may continue the Cookie Program through these options:

  • Conducting online sales through the girl delivery option. Girls can take orders online and deliver in person, as they feel comfortable.
  • Conducting online sales through the direct ship option. Girls send emails and their customers order and pay online, and the product is shipped. The $7 shipping discount runs March 17 through March 30. 
  • Utilizing social media and digital marketing platforms to reach customers.
  • Sell to friends and families.

We encourage all girls and volunteers to follow all safety and health protocols as they continue with their cookie sales, exercising caution and discretion to make decisions in the best interest of their girls. 

Turning in Cookie Funds within CDC Guidelines: Parents have a few options to get funds to the troops. Please make sure to adhere to all social distancing guidelines. Do not wait to deposit funds!

How have your Girl Scouts gotten creative? Share it with us


Cookie Program Calendar

Calendar updates as of 3/12/2020:

  • Cookie Program end date: March 30, 2020
  • eBudde closes to Service Unit CSC's: April 1, 2020
  • Last day for submission of Outstanding Balance Form: April 5, 2020
Trainings & Webinars
Troop Volunteer Cookie Training Webinars

Welcome to a bigger, brighter, bolder Girl Scout Cookie Season. We are excited to review the cookie program materials, answer questions and help you volunteers be prepared to lead your girl scouts to a successful cookie season.



Cookie Resources
Websites and eTools
Cookie Booths

Council and troop arranged cookie booths are suspended through March 30.

*NEW* Cookie Booth Kit

Cookie Booth Locator

Cookie Cupboards

Cookie cupboards are closed through March 30. If you have a need for cookie inventory at this time contact us at 1-800-666-2141 or

Cookie Cupboard Hours and Locations
Just in Time: Cookie Cupboard FAQ
Cookie Cupboard Manual

Rewards & Badges
Cookie Contests

Cookie Pro

We want to reward you for all of your hard work selling Girl Scout Cookies® in the 2019–20 season with a chance to win BIG - a trip to Orlando, FL as a VIP Guest for G.I.R.L. 2020! All you have to do is enter the 2020 Cookie Pro contest February 1–March 31 for a chance to be one of 24 girls selected nation-wide.

Entering is simple: participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program® this season and highlight your unique cookie business smarts by answering questions about the skills you learned and your experience selling cookies!



Squeeze the Day

Have your Girl Scout share her best advice for the cookie program with us, along with a cookie program photo, and we'll include an exclusive 2020 Cookie Program patch along with her rewards.

You have until March 25 to get your photo submitted!

Train your Troop & Win a Banner

As a Troop Co-Leader or Troop Cookie Sale Coordinator, it is important to train your troop so they are prepared for the Cookie Program. When you train your troop, you could win one of 50 portable banners to promote cookies at your troop's booths! 

Congratulations to these winning troops! Banners will arrive with your Initial Orders.

Troop 10243 Troop 13631 Troop 20013  Troop 20204
Troop 20206 Troop 20234 Troop 20500 Troop 20641
Troop 20906 Troop 30013 Troop 30131 Troop 30294
Troop 30705 Troop 30813 Troop 33000 Troop 40038
Troop 40052 Troop 40078 Troop 40112 Troop 40210
Troop 40261 Troop 40291 Troop 40714 Troop 40273
Troop 40732 Troop 40740 Troop 40747 Troop 40909
Troop 41112 Troop 41218 Troop 44221 Troop 50579
Troop 68217 Troop 72120 Troop 72212 Troop 72237
Troop 73108 Troop 73111 Troop 75111 Troop 76305
Troop 83020 Troop 83028 Troop 83050 Troop 83056
Troop 83815 Troop 83841 Troop 85039 Troop 85109
Troop 86710 Troop 90652    

Sweet Media Bake-Off

(Sioux Falls, SD)

Each Monday evening in February Food Network will air a Girl Scout Cookie Championship featuring desserts made with Girl Scout Cookies. In preparation for our local 2020 Cookie Program, Dakota News Now (formerly KSFY and KDLT) has invited us on their morning show on February 18. Much like Food Network’s show, the segment will feature Girl Scout Cookie themed inspired desserts created by four Girl Scouts from our council.  

Watch these girls share their creations on February 18:

Emma - Troop 40297
Tag-Along Cupcakes

Amelia - Troop 40075
Grasshopper Cheesecake

Lux - Troop 40741
S’mores Blast

Bayli - Troop 40219
Strawberry Lemon-ups Milkshake

Rachel - Troop 44220
Thin Mint Cake

Heroes on the Horizon

Girl Scouts have a long tradition of making the world a better place and knowing the importance of community service and the value of giving back! During the Cookie Program, this can be achieved through our Heroes on the Horizon donation program.

Heroes on the Horizon encourages girls to ask customers/businesses to donate as little as $4 so cookies can find their way to military organizations, first responders and other local heroes throughout GSDH.

What a sweet deal! Encourage customers to buy one box of cookies for themselves and another to gve - through the Heroes on the Horizon program. Amp up your Heroes on the Horizon contributions by using this box wrap. Printed copies will also be available in our Council Cookie Cupboards.

GSDH facilitates the delivery of cookies purchased through the Heroes on the Horizon program with organizations such a VA Hospitals, military outreach clinics, Feeding America/Backpack Program and several first responders throughout the council.

All Heroes on the Horizon donations count towards girl rewards and troop proceeds.

Service Unit Cookie Manager Resources